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Geschwader IMMELMANN
Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann" was formed on 1 May 1939, I. Group in
Cottbus, II. Group in Stolp-Reitt and III. Group in Langensalza. On 18
October 1943 it was renamed to Schlachtgeschwader 2. StG 2 flew operations
in the Polish Campaign, the Battle of France, and the Battle of Britain.

In 1941 it saw service in the Balkans Campaign, and on the Eastern Front.
For most of its service II./StG 2 was detached from the main Geschwader and
operated as an independent formation. On 12 January 1942 II gruppe was
redesignated as III./StG 3 and a new wing raised. While III gruppe continued
to fly the Junkers Ju 87 until the end of the war, II gruppe flew the
Junkers Ju 87 until March 1944, when two of its staffeln were converted to
independent tank destroyer squadrons; 10(Pz) SG 3 and SG 77.

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